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Thank you

Today I’m not ‘proud’ to be an Australian or more contextually I’m not proud of the history our current flag bares. I honour the traditional custodians of this once beautiful land and I stand proud of the people understand that it is not ours and it never will be. I’d like to think that we all
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I pushed a button last night

I DJ’d (pushed buttons) for my brothers Motley and Rydah last night, people said I was a great DJ, even though I pressed one button and then leaned against the wall. It was a pretty rad show though, a few people recognised my name from my films which was nice.
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My fear of death

I’ve had a lingering relationship with death and it haunts me in my every waking moment. It’s something that has plagued my thoughts and emotions, and has set me up for inevitable breakdowns in countless situations. This thought process eventuated approximately two years ago, I had been suffering from pretty extreme anxiety attacks, in between,
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