The Bleakness •
This film is a collaboration piece between me and my very good childhood friend Matt. I have been friends with Matt for as long as I can remember and he holds an indefinite place in my heart. There are certain friends that you will always trust and care for eternally and Matt is apart of my circle of brotherhood. He is a beautiful person with unshakable core values and a gift of abiding loyalty that is only shared between a select few in my life. It was a true honor to create a film piece with Matt. Before starting the film, he said that he is a man of few words and he felt that he didn't have anything of significance to say. Matt obviously doesn't know what it is like to be his friend, because the few words he says hold much stature in the grand scheme of things, they hold this sense of value because they are the truth. I have never asked people to provide great stories in any of my films, I ask only for truth and Matt has been a wealth of truth since the day we met. Our film is an honest account of Matts struggles and triumphs with Depression and Anxiety. This took a lot of courage for Matt to undertake and I wholeheartedly respect him for being so candid about such an intimate issue. Matt and his wife Nikki have just become proud parents to their new baby and I couldn't be more proud. I know that they will embark on a journey of greatness together, both as parents and as individuals. I know that Matts conflicts have bestowed great wisdom and together with Nikki they will be amazing mentors to their son Lucca. I hope you enjoy our film.
Music: Fear in the Dust Bowl (Song Title) - The Fucked Up Beat (Artist)